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T.S Quiver

The American Longbow company TS Quiver

The TS Quiver is our best selling quiver made from the finest soft leathers available to us.  We have sent many of these all over the World.

The TS is a large quiver, it has a double thickness base for use with broadheads if desired, 2" wide adjustable strap, 21" deep and 10" wide approx.  It sits comfortably across your back and is light enough not to be cumbersome for a days long shoot.

A simple leather lace forms three compartments at the top that can be pulled in and a knot will secure your arrows keeping them quiet when moving through the brush.

This quiver shares some similarities with the quiver used by the late Howard Hill and will last a lifetime.

Available in left or right handed.  Colours available Brown, Black and Limited edition Green.


Accessories are also available with this quiver in the form of Bottle holders, Arm Bracer, String pouch, string keeper etc, see other products below.

You will be able to buy these products in the shop section where you will also find pricing.

The Hunter

The Hunter Quiver

The Hunter is made with the same quality and detail as our flagship quiver the T.S. 

It had a design of its own and is very comfortable to wear for a long days shooting.  Its good looks and great style have made it a very popular quiver.

It has the same double thickness base as the T.S quiver but the Hunter is a very different quiver.  It will easily cater for 2 dozen arrows if required, it is light weight and tough.  21" deep and 8" across approx with adjustable strap.  

Available in Left or right handed and comes in Black or Brown.

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