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The Forest Lord Bow

This bow has proved to be very popular in our line up and is one of our mid range bows.

Backed with attractive olive green and bellied with gordons brown glass makes this bow a real looker!

It boasts a Chacate riser with stunning wood grain that forms a perfect contrast against the natural & caremalised moso cane bamboo core.

This bow is our nod to Robin Hood (hence the name) whom once roamed the great Sherwood forest from the distant past

This bow is an elegant and fast shooter it feels just right in the hand with perfect balance and is a delight to shoot.

Spec:  Green/brown Gordons glass, length 66 & 68", Chacate riser, natural & caremalised moso cane bamboo, String 452X brown & green mix, left or right handed, string keeper and material carrisge bow bag.

Available in weights between 30lb & 60lb.  If ordering a 60lb bow the bow length will be 68" only

                                                                           Price £580

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