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All new from The American Longbow Co

"The Woodsman"

This bow is designed to be a more budget friendly, non-custom off the peg bow.

It offers all the elegance and style of the more expensive bows in our line up but with a more affordable price.

It is a tough bow that can deal with all weather conditions and won't mind a day out in the field with some hard shooting, it just belongs in the Woods-man!!

Bow Spec: Laced up, dished grip, 68" length, Brown glass backed & bellied, tamboti riser, caremalised bamboo core, B55 string (standard), Brown Satin finish

                                                                             Price from 20th May £350

The price for the bow is currently on offer at £325 until the 20th May at which time it will increase to £350. At this point we will offer a payment plan on this bow to make it easier to purchase, £50 deposit and then three monthly payments of £100.  Please call or email us for availability on or 07754 697952

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